Why uPVC Window Frames

Why uPVC Window Frames

uPVC double glazed windows are so incredibly popular today and have revolutionised the window business, as well as having a tremendous impact on how windows are made. Though double glazing in one form or another has existed since the end of the 19th century, it was only from the 1940’s that it began to emerge as an option for window units. However once the thicker double glazed unit was produced, then the need for an adaptable and easy to manufacture frame was required, one which could be swiftly made to measure. uPVC was the logical option.

Advantages over wooden windows

Of course there are many other advantages to uPVC windows than just speed of manufacture, which include:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Durability
  • Retaining crisp clean looks
  • Add value to a property
  • Less costly to replace individual elements

Of course there has been another advantage well documented about uPVC double glazing, and that is the thermal and sound insulation properties of them. However that is not so much down to the plastic, but the actual glass units themselves. Additionally, the actual opening mechanisms of uPVC double glazed windows do provide a number of options that wooden windows cannot give you. The main advantage comes from the ‘tilt and turn’ window, which can either swing open like a cupboard door, or open by tilting the top outwards. This latter option is tremendous as it allows for plenty of ventilation, but does not compromise security.

As a little tip, if you are new to a property and it has double glazed windows and doors, as well as an open fire or a wood burning stove, you need to open the window vents in the room or else the fire will not draw to begin with as you are basically in a hermetically sealed environment!