Which is the best type of uPVC Double Glazed Window?

Which is the best type of uPVC Double Glazed Window?

This is actually quite a hard question to answer, mainly because the quality of the window depends on the quality of the constituent parts. Like many things in life, there is an ‘original’ version, and then there are the cheap copies, and there are cheap uPVC double glazed windows available. So why could they be so cheap: There are a number of reason:

  • Inferior make of uPVC which can become brittle over time
  • Inferior make of the glazed units with poor seals
  • Inferior sliding and locking mechanisms
  • Inferior ironmongery – handles etc.

However there can also be an additional factor which can affect the cost of a double glazed window, and that is the skill of the person fitting it. This actually has an effect on the quality of the window as if all gaps are not correctly sealed when the window is installed, then you will still get draughts. The sealing of the frame against a property’s walls is critical to its effectiveness.

It’s not just the frame, but the glass that matters too

One of the other factors which affects the quality of a uPVC double glazed window is the quality of the double glazed units themselves. uPVC windows are not fitted just because the frames are maintenance free and look good, but also because of the thermal and sound insulation qualities. If the glass is too thin or the seals prone to leaking, then the windows will not be so effective. Invariably there is a very good reason why some double glazed windows are half the price of others.

Consider the extras, like guarantees

One final element to add into the mix when deciding what a quality uPVC double glazed window is, is the age of the company and length of product guarantee. There are a number of major national double glazing firms who have been established for years, so a ten year guarantee on their product has value. However a small local firm may not be in business tomorrow, so a ten-year guarantee they offer is basically worthless.