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uPVC Window

Perhaps the first question to answer is what the difference is between PVC and uPVC. The u stands for ‘unplasticised’, which in turn means ‘rigid’. The PVC stands for poly vinyl chloride. It is this rigid form of PVC which makes it suitable for creating window frames in many shapes, forms and colours. For a manufactured product, it is rare to find one which is as adaptable as the natural equivalent- wood, but where windows are concerned, uPVC can be moulded and shaped into any similar form. However one of the great advantages of uPVC window manufacture is the speed at which a made-to-measure window can be created. Compared to a custom built window from a joinery, a made to measure uPVC window can be made in under an hour, whereas a wooden window can take a day or two.

uPVC keep its colour and its shape

In general terms, uPVC will retain its colour, which in most cases, is white. The manufacturing process has improved the quality of uPVC to the point where it no longer discolours and turns a pale shade of yellow over the years, much as gloss white paint used to do. Today uPVC double glazed windows can look just as good 10 years after they have been fitted as the day they were. They are also appreciably easier to keep clean, especially as you can buy specific uPVC cleaning products to maintain their ‘like new’ appearance’.

White is not the only colour, and there are more options beyond brown too!

The ‘revolution’ in uPVC double glazing is definitely happening. When uPVC double glazing first appeared, white was the only colour you could have it in for the frames. Then came brown, after which came a wood-effect frame. Today the range of colours is wonderful and now you can make a great statement with your home. To be able to have white walls and then coloured double glazed uPVC frames will liven up any property – whereas before, when everything was white, it was just plain drab!